Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Licensed Professional Counselors?

  • We are known as, ‘LPCs’.
  • Licensed Professional Counselors are licensed and regulated by the Virginia Department of Health Professions, as are psychiatrists, psychologists and clinical social workers.
  • We provide counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, families, and groups.
  • Other services include programs,such as personality and career assessment, training and seminars for development.Fees are comparable to those of other mental health professionals.
  • We are recognized by many managed care and health insurance companies and are eligible for insurance reimbursement.

Will My Insurance Cover Counseling?

The best way to determine this is to check your employee benefit handbook (if your company offers one).  Otherwise, there should be a toll-free number on the back of your health insurance card.  Call that number and ask:

  1. What is your coverage for “Mental Health”.  Note: DO NOT go into details regarding the problem!  Simply ask about “mental health coverage”.
  2. Does your policy allow you to go “Out-of-Plan”, meaning can you see doctors out of your network.
  3. If so, what is the deductible, percentage reimbursed, and,
  4. If there are any limits on the number of sessions or requirements for pre-certification.

Am I “in-plan” With Any Insurance Companies?

I am often asked if I am “in-plan”, and the answer is, unfortunately, no.

 How is Payment Handled?

Payment should be made at the time of service.  I take cash or check, but not credit or debit cards at the present time.

What If I Have No Insurance At All?

Talk to me. I will try to work with you as best I can. I do my best to keep my overhead at a minimum, but I don’t have the capability to work on a sliding-scale. Depending on your need, we can be somewhat creative at cost saving, such as adjusting the frequency of sessions.

Can I Prescribe Medication?

No. Rest assured that I’m not a “pill-pusher”; medication is never my first course of therapy.  However, there are times (such as acute depression or anxiety) when medication is not only helpful but necessary for your counseling to be effective. At such times I will take the time necessary to educate you as to why I am recommending it. I will then refer you to a physician for a medical evaluation. I like to refer to psychiatrists whom I know personally and have confidence in them. You can choose your own doctors, of course.

Regardless, even if medication is indicated, I do not consider it an either/or option – it is not counseling or medication.  It is both – counseling and medication.